Pizza is one of those foods which are scrumptious as well as full of nutrients. We at Circolo believe in providing a whole and hearty meal when you order a Pizza in south Melbourne. You would only realize it later after you have had one of the traditional ancient pizzas that it’s nothing short of a full diet. Pizza in Melbourne CBD makes sure that we retain all the nutrient value of the ingredients without compromising on the taste.

As you would go through the menu you would realize that there is a large variety of pizza in Southbank to choose from. We clearly understand that everybody has different taste buds and not everybody likes the same kind of flavors therefore, we have a diverse range of pizza which would suit everybody’s taste.

We at Circolo have set apart three popular pizza based on customers reviews and feedback, namely Garlic Pizza, Bocconcini Margherita and Circolo. These three pizzas have made up to the top of the list by being relished by our esteem customers. The best thing about these pizzas is that they are simple yet lip-smacking. The Garlic Pizza in south Melbourne just involves two elements which are garlic oil and herbs. The combination of these two ingredients makes the best blend which makes it on the top of the list. When we talk about Bocconcini Margherita, it makes use of the ever popular San marzano tomato which is known for its aromatic and tangy flavor thus providing that hint of tanginess along with the freshness of basil makes it one of the most ordered pizzas in port Melbourne. Third most popular pizza is the Circolo which consists of the ultimate amalgamation of magical ingredients such as San marzano tomato, mozzarella, marinated green olives, salami, roasted capsicum and oregano. All our pizzas come in two sizes that are medium and large which are very decently priced.

Apart from the popular range we also do calzones which is a pizza sandwich; it is very handy and is also liked by customers. We have two kind of calzones namely bomber calzone and classic calzone.

If you wish to try something fiery hot then why not just take a bit of the Volcano range which would blow you away. We have a large variety of pizza for our vegetarian customers; if you are thinking of some green retreat then do try the Mediterranean garden which indeed is a celebration of vegetables. Pizza in port Melbourne also serves pizza for those who have a fetish for sea food, if you are one of those then do try the King of sea which consist of marinated king prawns with marinated cherry tomatoes. Other than these there are a lot many pizzas to order, do check our menu to see what suits you best. Our chefs try their level best to provide the best flavors which would impress you and make your dining experience an experience to remember.

Cirolo Pizza in Melbourne CBD