Vegetarian Pizzas You Will Definitely Love

Most people these days are addicted to pizzas. There are several food joints which are popular for making unique pizzas. Pizza in South Melbourne is a must-try for all be it vegetarians or non-vegetarians. There are innumerable pizza varieties available these days. Due to more and more people becoming health conscious, healthy versions of pizzas have also become a hit in the food market. Rightly called as the comfort food, pizza is everybody’s favourite. As we all know, non-vegetarians have a huge variety to binge on when it comes to pizzas. Check out some of the must-have vegetarian pizzas.

Bocconcini Margherita

A classic Margherita pizza is a perfect treat for all pizza lovers. A Bocconcini Margherita pizza consists of a freshly baked crust topped with San Marzano tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, oregano and extra virgin oil. With simple ingredients, this pizza has a subtle flavour to it. Tummy filling to the core, Bocconcini Margherita is low on calories too as compared to other heavily stuffed pizzas. This particular delicacy is apt as a meal too.

Mediterranean Garden

Loaded with a variety of seasonal vegetables, Mediterranean Garden also includes San Marzano tomatoes, oregano and parmesan. This pizza has a very authentic taste and is quite different from the staple Italian style pizzas. If you want to experiment a bit and want a change in taste then go for a Mediterranean Garden pizza. This pizza can also be customised to a certain extent by adding other toppings like olives, basil, pepper strips etc. If you want to experience the goodness of cheesiness and nutrition then Mediterranean Garden is the best choice.

Fagottino Vegetarian

Quite different from the regular pizza, Fagottino Vegetarian is a bundle shaped pizza. Extremely rich in its stuffing, this particular preparation has several ingredients like eggplants, zucchini, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and olives. Additionally, it also contains mozzarella, parmesan and oregano. This particular pizza type is quite heavy in its toppings and is best eaten for a meal.

Pizza in South Melbourne is adored by all. There are many authentic pizza joints in South Melbourne which serve mind-blowing pizza varieties.

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