Embrace Pizza- Even on a Diet

Whenever someone is talking about dieting to lose weight, one of the first items they shun is the pizza. This is highly disappointing because pizza is given a bad rap for absolutely no reason. You’d be surprised to hear that it isn’t the fatty, calorie-loaded disaster that most fanatics think it is. In fact, pizzas are rich in various sorts of nutrients like protein, fibre, and calcium. There’s no doubt, however, that some pizzas could be quite extravagant, so you are going to have to pick smart when ordering from your favourite pizza takeaway based in Southbank. Here are the top tips for healthy pizza buying.

The Right Crust

Always try to opt for the thin crust and avoid the cheese-filled one.

The Toppings

One of the most popular toppings is Pepperoni. Some other super popular options are sausage, mushrooms, onion, and pepper. However, opt for all veggies as they are great for toppings; you really can’t go wrong. Artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, garlic, peppers; all of these add wonderful colour and flavour to your pizza and are totally worth adding. You can add eggplant, but ensure it isn’t fried and breaded. Skip processed meats like pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs, because these hold extra calories and fat. Go for chicken instead.

To Cheese or Not to Cheese

You should ask for less cheese in the first place, and definitely, say no to extra cheese if offered. It is a huge source of calories and fat and should be avoided. You could also order without cheese and then sprinkle some parmesan on top, or alternatively, order a pizza with ricotta replacing mozzarella. This actually halves your calorie input.


There’s no scientific research that proves that you’re saving a ton of calories if you blot your pizza with a napkin or a piece of paper. That said it might still be a good thing to do if the pizza you are served looks incredibly oily.

The Right Portion

Too much of a great thing is actually quite bad. A standard pizza slice is about 300 calories, which is rather acceptable. However, if you push beyond this threshold and move to the second or third slice, then your diet is in trouble. Instead, load some fibre-rich veggies which are filling and tasty all at once so that you don’t need to go for another slice. Might also be a good idea to go for a fresh, healthy side salad. You might also be wondering about a six-inch pizza, and whether it is a good replacement for a single slice- it isn’t. It is equivalent to two full slices. Know this before ordering pizza takeaway in Southbank.

Accompanying Beverages

Most people take their pizzas with a chilled soda or beer on the side, but these should be dropped if you’re looking to lose weight. There’s no doubt that the best accompaniment is water, but you could go for fruit juices as well.

In the end, if you’re craving a slice of pizza, go for it. Call a pizza takeaway nearest to your place in Southbank and have a slice sent over. The calorie intake really isn’t out of the ordinary, as long as you are able to limit yourself to a single slice. Pizza isn’t forbidden fruit at all- there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you.

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