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Enjoy Your Pizza Even More with an Incredible Range of Cheeses in Your Toppings

Pizza is one of the world’s most favoured foods. There are thousands upon thousands of pizzerias all over the world, generating billions in revenue. This doughy delight is available in many forms and tastes and is genuinely brilliant. Find the most reputable pizza takeaway Southbank establishment near you.

There are hundreds of toppings you can have on your pizza, but cheese is usually a staple- and it isn’t just cheese; various kinds of cheese can be used in pizzas, separately or together. Here are some of the very best and most popular.


True Italian pizzas use Mozzarella cheese. It needs minimal processing, tastes super fresh and is very creamy and light. Even other pizza cheese blends and well-known pizzas like Margherita choose to have a mozzarella base. There are various sub-varieties available as well, like high or low-moisture cheeses. The high-moisture variety has to be used within a day of being made and creates a soggy, creamy, fresh pizza. Low-moisture ones have a good shelf-life and melt more easily and are hence preferred in most cases. Furthermore, you have whole and skim varieties of low-moisture cheese, which vary in fat content. This, in turn, affects the melting and taste of your topping.


One of the finest cheeses to emerge from Italy is Provolone. It is semi-hard and is usually blended with mozzarella. It is aged for quite some time because aging brings out the nuances in its taste. A younger provolone is creamier and sweeter, while the older ones are drier, and have a sharper taste. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this great cheese.


Cheddar cheese is very popular all over the world but isn’t usually associated with pizza. In fact, however, most pizza cheese blends contain cheddar. It has a small elasticity which allows it to blister less than mozzarella and makes it a wonderful addition to your pie. Sharper cheddars have a deep orange tint and add a very interesting colour to pizzas on which they are used. You get to see them on specialty pies such as the cheeseburger, chicken bacon ranch pizza, and buffalo chicken pizza. These are available at a pizza takeaway restaurant in Southbank near you.


Parmesan cheese is the more popular name for the Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is a hard cheese that is grated and put on top of freshly-baked pizzas. It has a very subtle flavour and is rather dry, which is why it is used in moderation and never blended into cheese mixes or baked in an oven so that the umami taste is preserved. Best used as a garnish, parmesan is an absolute hit on any pizza.

Other Cheeses

While mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, and parmesan are considered the four primary pizza cheeses, gourmet pizzas include several other varieties.

Gouda: This is a semi-hard Dutch cheese and is loved for its smoothness and unique flavour. It is a huge hit with barbecue chicken or pulled pork pizzas and is brilliant even when smoked.

Goat Cheese:  Goat cheese does not melt readily but softens up when put in the oven. Small blobs of goat cheese go very well with peppers, caramelized onions, and figs.

Gruyere: This savoury cheese melts readily and has a very complex flavour profile, tasting earthy, nutty, and sweet all at once.

Ricotta: Ricotta is used as a base cheese in white sauce pizzas and blended with gruyere, gorgonzola, fontina, and, of course, mozzarella.

Each of these cheeses has an awesome flavour profile and goes well with various toppings. Visit a pizza takeaway in Southbank today!