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Everything That You Need to Know About Italian Cooking Method

How do you feel when you hear the term ‘pizza’? Mouth-watering and lip-smacking right? This is the craze of Italian dishes that once you get the taste of it, you will be left asking for more. Comprising of a countless number of dishes that cover the entire menu of a restaurant right from the starters to the full course, Italian cuisine boasts of adding spice to the variety you seek in life. You might know the best place to get pizza in Melbourne CBD, but it is less likely for you to know about the several cooking methods that are involved in the Italian cuisine.

From lasagne to Margherita, each and every Italian delicacy has a specific name that resembles the of a particular region of Italy. These regional dishes are not only confined to the boundaries of Italy, but they are a personal favourite of many people in the world. If you are a lover of Italian food, check out these unique cooking methods for preparing Italian meals:

Alla Bolognese

Staple of the Bolognese region, the Alla Bolognese is a traditional Italian cooking method where celery, onion and minced meat are cooked at low heat by applying tomato and vegetable sauce. In order to heighten the flavour of the sauce, cream or milk is added along with red wine. Usually served with fettuccine and tagliatelle and other flat pasta shapes, the Alla Bolognese cooking method ensures giving you a quality eating experience.

Al Forno

Professional Italian chefs love cooking pizza and in order to bring out the best possible taste, they prefer the al cooking method, which literally means in the oven. Even the best pizza in Melbourne CBD is based on the al cooking method, which pretty much explains why you get the traditional Italian feel with each bite.

Al Dente

Al dente or ‘to the teeth’ is one of the traditional and most preferred cooking methods for preparing pasta. It actually deals with undercooking the meal or the pasta. If you find a pasta dish feeling to be double cooked, it is more likely that the pasta was prepared with the al dente method at the first time.


Risotto is the common method for Italians which they use in cooking rice. The rice in the risotto method is actually cooked without a lid and is prepared by sautéing instead.  When you visit a professional Italian restaurant and order risotto, the chef will choose the short-grain rice and add olive oil in it along with a meat stock. It is fairly garnished with cheese or butter and the common ingredient in the risotto is meat, making it a perfect dish for a full course meal.

Al Caprese

Originated in Capri, the staple of this famous Italian cooking method includes tomato, olive oil, basil and mozzarella. Al caprese is mainly used in preparing a wide range of and other Italian dishes such as spaghetti and fusilli.

Whether you choose to have a pizza in Melbourne CBD or risotto in an Italian restaurant, you will now be able to acknowledge the type of cooking used in preparing the dishes.

Things to Look for While Choosing the Best Pizza Outlet

Pizza is the hot favourite food worldwide. This is an exotic dish known for its rich aroma, crispy crust and oodles of cheese in diverse toppings. Pizza is surely a delightful treat for all food aficionados across the globe. Pizzas come in various sizes and in wide varieties to cater to the individual taste buds, preferences, and hunger levels. You could have pizza anytime and every time. It is ideal for supper or as a snack anytime during the day. It could be ordered for official lunches and business meets, or a get-together at home. Pizza is something that should be enjoyed together in a group. There is no fun in having pizza sitting at home alone. Call over friends this weekend and enjoy the best pizza in Melbourne CBD.

Today there is no dearth of pizza outlets in any of the top cities in the world. There are several pizza outlets offering various kinds of pizza differing in styles and flavours. Nothing could be more enticing and yummy than a slice of pizza and the taste of melting cheese in your mouth. But of course, you are looking for the best pizza in town so you must visit the perfect pizza outlet that would be serving top quality pizza and assuring a wonderful culinary experience. Here are some of the things to consider when you are looking for the best pizza in Melbourne CBD.

The Menu Should Be Interesting & Extensive

There are numerous pizza places in Melbourne that would be serving their specialities but not all of them serve what you are looking for. Choose a place that offers an extensive menu comprising various types of pizza in terms of toppings and crust. You must browse the menu properly and choose your favourite pizza or try out something new that sounds interesting. You could opt for a soft, hard, doughy, spicy, bitter, or sweet crust or you may choose a spicy or a cheesy topping that comes in a wide variety. Keep trying delicious pizzas from an exhaustive menu until you identify the best pizza for you in Melbourne CBD.

Warm & Welcoming Ambiance

An ambiance plays a pivotal role in the entire culinary experience. Great food with complementary great ambiance is what you should look for. In order to savour the mouth-watering pizza, you would be requiring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The crowd should be good and the staff should be friendly and competent. There should be stimulating music to set the right food for enjoying the ever-so-delicious pizza. Good music and proper lighting could uplift your mood and make your pizza experience a memorable one so that you would keep coming back to the same pizza outlet.

Hygiene Should Be on Top of Your Mind

Health and hygiene are important in whatever we do. You must make sure that your pizza outlet is squeaky clean in terms of the kitchen, the sitting arrangement, customer’s washroom etc. You must ask if the ingredients are fresh or not. Choose a place that follows all industry health standards and stringent regulations.

You must choose a place that is near your house or workplace so that you could hop in whenever you are in a mood for your favourite pizza. You must be looking for immaculate service and ensure that you are choosing a place that not only offers the best pizza in Melbourne CBD but also serves 24×7.