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Vegetarian Pizzas You Will Definitely Love

Most people these days are addicted to pizzas. There are several food joints which are popular for making unique pizzas. Pizza in South Melbourne is a must-try for all be it vegetarians or non-vegetarians. There are innumerable pizza varieties available these days. Due to more and more people becoming health conscious, healthy versions of pizzas have also become a hit in the food market. Rightly called as the comfort food, pizza is everybody’s favourite. As we all know, non-vegetarians have a huge variety to binge on when it comes to pizzas. Check out some of the must-have vegetarian pizzas.

Bocconcini Margherita

A classic Margherita pizza is a perfect treat for all pizza lovers. A Bocconcini Margherita pizza consists of a freshly baked crust topped with San Marzano tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, oregano and extra virgin oil. With simple ingredients, this pizza has a subtle flavour to it. Tummy filling to the core, Bocconcini Margherita is low on calories too as compared to other heavily stuffed pizzas. This particular delicacy is apt as a meal too.

Mediterranean Garden

Loaded with a variety of seasonal vegetables, Mediterranean Garden also includes San Marzano tomatoes, oregano and parmesan. This pizza has a very authentic taste and is quite different from the staple Italian style pizzas. If you want to experiment a bit and want a change in taste then go for a Mediterranean Garden pizza. This pizza can also be customised to a certain extent by adding other toppings like olives, basil, pepper strips etc. If you want to experience the goodness of cheesiness and nutrition then Mediterranean Garden is the best choice.

Fagottino Vegetarian

Quite different from the regular pizza, Fagottino Vegetarian is a bundle shaped pizza. Extremely rich in its stuffing, this particular preparation has several ingredients like eggplants, zucchini, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and olives. Additionally, it also contains mozzarella, parmesan and oregano. This particular pizza type is quite heavy in its toppings and is best eaten for a meal.

Pizza in South Melbourne is adored by all. There are many authentic pizza joints in South Melbourne which serve mind-blowing pizza varieties.

Embrace Pizza- Even on a Diet

Whenever someone is talking about dieting to lose weight, one of the first items they shun is the pizza. This is highly disappointing because pizza is given a bad rap for absolutely no reason. You’d be surprised to hear that it isn’t the fatty, calorie-loaded disaster that most fanatics think it is. In fact, pizzas are rich in various sorts of nutrients like protein, fibre, and calcium. There’s no doubt, however, that some pizzas could be quite extravagant, so you are going to have to pick smart when ordering from your favourite pizza takeaway based in Southbank. Here are the top tips for healthy pizza buying.

The Right Crust

Always try to opt for the thin crust and avoid the cheese-filled one.

The Toppings

One of the most popular toppings is Pepperoni. Some other super popular options are sausage, mushrooms, onion, and pepper. However, opt for all veggies as they are great for toppings; you really can’t go wrong. Artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, garlic, peppers; all of these add wonderful colour and flavour to your pizza and are totally worth adding. You can add eggplant, but ensure it isn’t fried and breaded. Skip processed meats like pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs, because these hold extra calories and fat. Go for chicken instead.

To Cheese or Not to Cheese

You should ask for less cheese in the first place, and definitely, say no to extra cheese if offered. It is a huge source of calories and fat and should be avoided. You could also order without cheese and then sprinkle some parmesan on top, or alternatively, order a pizza with ricotta replacing mozzarella. This actually halves your calorie input.


There’s no scientific research that proves that you’re saving a ton of calories if you blot your pizza with a napkin or a piece of paper. That said it might still be a good thing to do if the pizza you are served looks incredibly oily.

The Right Portion

Too much of a great thing is actually quite bad. A standard pizza slice is about 300 calories, which is rather acceptable. However, if you push beyond this threshold and move to the second or third slice, then your diet is in trouble. Instead, load some fibre-rich veggies which are filling and tasty all at once so that you don’t need to go for another slice. Might also be a good idea to go for a fresh, healthy side salad. You might also be wondering about a six-inch pizza, and whether it is a good replacement for a single slice- it isn’t. It is equivalent to two full slices. Know this before ordering pizza takeaway in Southbank.

Accompanying Beverages

Most people take their pizzas with a chilled soda or beer on the side, but these should be dropped if you’re looking to lose weight. There’s no doubt that the best accompaniment is water, but you could go for fruit juices as well.

In the end, if you’re craving a slice of pizza, go for it. Call a pizza takeaway nearest to your place in Southbank and have a slice sent over. The calorie intake really isn’t out of the ordinary, as long as you are able to limit yourself to a single slice. Pizza isn’t forbidden fruit at all- there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you.

Make Every Occasion a Reason to Celebrate with Pizza

For all pizza lovers any occasion could be a wonderful opportunity for ordering pizza. Pizza is one food that is loved by one and all. Nobody would ever grudge you for offering pizza for any occasion. Any special occasion or event could become even more special and enjoyable if pizza is served for the guests to relish. Here are some special occasions that could be celebrated best with none other than pizzas.

Birthday Parties

No celebration is complete without the yummy pizza. One of the occasions, when pizza is in great demand, is a birthday party. You could order some delicious pizza for everybody irrespective of the number of invited guests. You could choose from a variety of crust types or toppings according to your taste buds. Get in touch with a reputed pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

An Important Match or Game

Pizza is the most preferred food to enjoy while the big game is on. Pizza is always the right choice for any big sporting event you are enjoying on the television. Order some delicious pizzas if you are the host or you could carry something for everyone to eat.

Graduation Parties

Graduation party could really be a special occasion for you. However, it could get pretty expensive. It is better to order pizza to celebrate your wonderful achievement as pizza is one food you simply cannot go wrong with. It is loved by everyone and it is affordable. It is always a great idea to choose pizza over the unnecessarily expensive catered meal. Order your favourite pizza from a well-known pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

Wedding Receptions

Your wedding is the most special event in your life. You would love to celebrate this happy occasion with your loved ones. Obviously, you need to provide a fulfilling meal to your friends and family who are invited to grace the occasion. It could be a pretty expensive affair if you try to organise a full-fledged meal. Instead, you could order everybody’s hot favourite pizza to keep the expenses within your budget and let everyone have a fantastic culinary experience.

Family Get-Togethers

Family get-togethers and reunions are the best things to happen as they are instrumental in bringing together all your near and dear ones. It sometimes feels quite unfair when some family members need to devote all the time fixing a meal for everyone else. It is, therefore, a smart idea to order some pizza so that nobody is left to slog in the kitchen. Now everyone can join in the fun equally and have a gala time. Now make your family reunions even more enjoyable and happy by ordering some pizzas with your favourite toppings from a famous pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

Move In Time

If you have just shifted to a new house, you know how hard it is to reorganize everything in the household front on your own. You must have been slogging for days packing your household stuff. Now you need to devote a lot of time into unpacking all those boxes and setting up your new home. You need to organise everything in the kitchen including the pans, pots and the dishes. It is better to order a yummy and truly fulfilling pizza from your favourite pizzeria.

Reasons Why Kids Love to Have Pizza?

Pizza is loved by kids because it is incredibly delicious and most of them feel that pizza is the best food they have ever had. In reality, pizza is so yummy that a single slice is more than enough to convince little kids that no other food could be as good as or better than the truly mouth-watering pizza. Frankly speaking, pizza tastes delicious to every child because it contains everything a kid could be wanting in his food. Let your child enjoy the truly yummy and healthy pizza that is available in Port Melbourne.

Melted Cheese:  Babies have a longing for milk. Doctors would know the scientific reasons behind this fact. Cheese is made from milk and so there is an instant connection. Children are in love with cheese and for them, it is the best ingredient. Most children are really excited with the melting of cheese as that truly doubles the deliciousness of cheese. At least, that’s what children feel although this fact is yet to be scientifically established. Melted cheese is every kid’s favourite food and pizza topped with melted Margherita cheese certainly is the best food for any kid in the world.

Sauce: Most food connoisseurs have yet to figure out why small kids do not enjoy eating tomatoes yet they simply love tomato sauce. Maybe that is because of the spices that go into the making of a tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is certainly an indispensable feature of any pizza.  The magical mix of the crust along with melted cheese and tomato sauce could beat all other culinary experiences. Nothing could ever match the delightful pizza experience, as far as, kids are concerned. Enjoy a wonderful variety of traditional Italian pizza in Port Melbourne.

Crust: Children like bread. They love it particularly if it is chewy and thick with super crispy edges. They would love it even more provided it is topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese. So that explains their fascination or perhaps obsession with pizza.

Toppings: Between the ages of six and eleven children are craving for more independence. Every attempt made by them to claim their freedom such as purchasing their own clothes, borrowing the car or even voting is in reality, thwarted, excepting one. Children are free to actually choose pizza toppings and they are truly thrilled by the choices that are available to them.

Some Health Benefits of Pizza that Cannot Be Undermined

Most parents think that if a food tastes amazing, then something must be really bad for their children. But fortunately, pizza could be proved to be an exception to this assumption.

Tomato Sauce: We all know that tomato sauce is actually made from fresh and ripe tomatoes. And all of us are fully aware that tomatoes are healthy. They are red too. What makes tomatoes red? Lycopenes. These are supposed to be pretty strong antioxidants which Italian scientists claim could be helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancer.

Cheese: We all know that cheese is actually made of milk. You obviously, know that milk contains calcium. And calcium is great for strengthening bones. That is primarily the reason why babies drink milk.

Dough:  Grains are regarded as fundamental to a healthy diet worldwide. The dough contains grains. It is also known to contain antioxidants.  Pizzas that come with a whole wheat crust are known to provide a greater health boost.

Toppings: Pizza toppings surely serve to be the best way of tricking your kids into consuming vegetables, even the ones they seem to dislike. Pizza toppings contain vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, olives, and jalapenos. Nowadays meat lovers are forgoing the sausage and pepperoni and opting for the leaner alternatives such as chicken. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy a healthy and yummy pizza in Port Melbourne with your kids!

6 Amazing Tips on How to Make Italian Dishes Healthy and Tasty

Are you looking for a cuisine, which can be fulfilling for your tummy, yet would not make you feel heavy? If yes, you must visit the popular restaurants in Southbank and try Italian food. You can also try making Italian dishes at your own kitchen. The flavours of various Italian dishes like, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and Italian salads would surely make you want more! While making the dishes delicious, the reputed Italian chefs always keep the health of the customers in their mind. As a result, they follow certain guidelines that make the preparations authentic, healthy, and tasty at the same time.

In this blog, let me discuss with you certain tips that can make the Italian dishes sumptuous and also, perfect for your well-being.

The Pasta Should Never Be Overdone

If you are making pasta, do not empty the whole pack into the bowl and end up cooking more than you can eat. Ideally, you should use 120 grams of pasta for one person. Also, pasta should never be overcooked and made too soft. ‘Firm to the bite’ or ‘al dente’ pasta’ is perfect for satisfying your hunger and keeping you light simultaneously.

Use Different Seasonal Ingredients

You must make the habit of using as much seasonal ingredients as possible in cooking Italian dishes. This can make your cooking more authentic because the traditional Italian diet includes various fresh produce in large quantities. Apart from adding a fresh flavour, the seasonal ingredients can lower the use of salt, sugar or fat, in order to enhance the taste. Thus, the use of fresh ingredients can surely make your diet more nutritious.

Make Preparations of Fish

Fish is an important part of the Italian diet and dishes made from fish are excellent in taste. Fish that are high in nutrients, such as shellfish are generally used in Italian cooking.

Use the Right Oil for Cooking

If you want your dishes to taste like, the Italian food served at restaurants in Southbank, you must switch to high-quality olive oil. Olive oil is not only a healthier option than other cooking oils, but is also better than margarine or butter.

Mind the Amount of Sauce You are Using

Italian food is never drowned in sauce. Rather, they are just lightly coated, with a layer of sauce. Using too much sauce can do nothing other than increasing the content of calorie and fat. If you are on a diet, try not to use tube-shaped pastas, such as penne and rigatoni because they soak up quite a lot of sauce.

Use Gremolata on the Dishes

If you have made grilled fish or steak, you can use gremolata to flavour it, instead of sauce. Gremolata consists of lemon zest, fresh parsley and finely-chopped garlic and is a special Italian garnish.

These guidelines are always used for making Italian food in Southbank. You too must follow these tips, if you want people to lick their fingers, after having the healthy and delicious Italian food that you cook.

Your Love for Pizza Continues

To most people, pizza is a lot more than just a food item. It is an experience, an emotion, a whole panorama of flavours and feelings in cheesy, beautiful wrapping. The love of pizza has united millions all over the world, and has led to a whole day being set aside each year to celebrate the divinity of this magnificent slice of heaven- February 9th is Pizza Day! People living in South Melbourne order ridiculous amounts of pizza takeaway every year, and for good reason.

There really is something wonderful about pizza. The crispy crust, the melted cheese, amazingly diverse toppings and tomato sauce- what’s not to like, and what could possibly be better? It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, midnight meals, brunch, or even a giant snack. There is no wrong topping, no wrong type, and above all, no wrong time for a pizza. Here are some things everyone adores about pizza.

#1- Readily Available

Getting pizza isn’t an odious, difficult task at all. You don’t even realistically need to leave your couch. Pick up your phone, call any pizza takeaway service in South Melbourne, and they’ll deliver it at your doorstep in a ridiculously short time.

#2- Diversity

There are tons and tons of different types of pizza. Meat lovers’, thin crust, Chicago-style, vegan, vegetarian, classic cheese- there is no end to the variety, and it is incredible. You could literally find a new type of pizza on every street corner, and eat a whole new pizza each day and still live a long, happy life.

#3- Full Meal or a Snack- You Choose

Even if you don’t feel like going all out and eating a full meal, just pull out a slice and enjoy it as a snack! You could always have the rest later. There is, of course, always the option of you eating an entire pizza or even two to prove a point or just to fulfil all your gastronomic desires.

#4- Goes with Everything

Any and all toppings taste great on pizza. This bed of bread, cheese, and sauce is tremendously accepting, whether you favour meat or pineapples. You are limited only by your imagination.

#5- Hot or Cold, Delicious Always

No one can deny the fact that pizza is immortal- the leftovers from last night still taste great if you eat them for breakfast today! It doesn’t need to be warmed up and tastes just fine if it is cold. Pizza is universal, and just a gift from the heavens.

#6- Brings People Together

Pizza is wonderful because it is a truly social food. It is perfect for a casual night in with your group of friends, a few cold drinks and a game or a movie on the telly!

#7- The Answer to All Your Carbs Cravings

If you’re looking for a load of delicious, heavy carbohydrates after a long, stressful day, pizza is there for you. Forever!

#8- Comfort Food

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. After a long and stressful day, you may just want to disconnect from the world and stuff your face with cheesy goodness- pizza doesn’t judge.

Pizza is incredible, a phenomenon on the plate and in the heart, truly one of the most diverse and brilliant food items all over the world. Don’t think about it, don’t wait. If you want pizza, call your favourite pizza takeaway service in South Melbourne today.

6 Mind-blowing Pizza Toppings to Savour

Savouring the taste of a pizza once in a while is quite a thing, especially if it has your preferred topping. You can order any topping of your choice and enjoy a bite of the most delicious pizza prepared at the nearest pizza corner.  You can visit a restaurant in South Melbourne to order a pizza with your favourite topping.

Know more about the various toppings that are liked most by Pizza lovers.

# Mushrooms

Whether you are a veggie or not, does not really matter when taste takes an upper- hand. Some of the most self-proclaimed non-vegetarians appreciate the taste of a pizza with mushroom toppings. With taste oozing out of the food, each bite will reflect the hard work and creativity that went into making the world’s first mushroom-topped pizza.

# Pepperoni

If beef and cured pork are okay, you can opt for pepperoni pizza. This is my personal favourite. Trust me! It is the complete package of a food. Mixed with cheese, jalapeño, bell peppers and the right amount of herbs sprinkled over it, the pepperoni pizza is quite a hit among pizza lovers.

# Sausage

A sausage-topped pizza made with love and care is bound to claim the sands under your feet. Add herbs and cheese to make the food a scintillating assault on the taste buds. A dash of the most suitable sauces – if you want – and a full-on appetite can make your day.

# Onions

Are you a die-hard vegan? No meat, nothing? In that case, the onion topped pizza is probably the right pizza for you. The restaurant in South Melbourne you visit to order your pizza may also offer home deliveries. Make a query before you travel all the way to the outlet. If you have guests at home and want to eat the pizza in the relaxed atmosphere of your home, what can be better than a home delivery?

# Extra cheese

Some of us simply do not want any other thing except cheese. Sausage, salami, veggies and pepperoni are mere distractions for such people. What we actually want is not a shared topping, but pure and pristine cheese as the topping on our pizzas. It is, however, often the fear of growing fat which makes us order the toppings; but from heart, we are cheese lovers.

# Black olives

If you are indeed an Italian cuisine lover, you will miss the presence of black olive on your pizza. Olive renders a tinge of freshness to the food making you ask for more even if you are full. It is the slightly sour taste of the fruit, which makes it such a favourite among the pizza fans (ardent Italian food fans).

These are some of the most demanded toppings among food lovers, rather Pizza fans. A restaurant in South Melbourne offering pizzas is just the thing you need to refresh your mind. Add the right topping to it and it becomes a meal worth enjoying whether with friends or alone.

Popular Italian Dishes That Would Leave You Asking for More

Italian cuisine has been strongly influenced chiefly by traditions and history and also, by seasonal availability of the raw materials and products. Moreover, some well-known gourmet dishes that have got major acclaim such as truffles could only be found in specific areas of the country. Here are some of the well-known Italian dishes that boast of ever growing popularity. Generally, common Italian cuisine would include dishes such as pasta, pizza, risotto, some soups like Zuppe and Minestrones and some other delectable fish and meat dishes. You must try out mouth-watering Italian food Southbank.


Pasta could be of different types as per their composition, their cut or shape, and their production method. Numerous shapes are found but Italians refer to pasta loosely as long and short pasta and stuffed or plain pasta. Each cut or shape of pasta is known to complement a specific sauce according to the precise shape’s capacity to hold that sauce. Some pasta types could be found in only a particular area while some pasta changes its name as per the area or region.


Pizza is supposed to be round-shaped, flat oven-baked bread with an amazing topping comprising cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, chicken, mushroom, onion, capsicum, olives, pepper, jalapenos and many other optional toppings. Broadly speaking, you would come across two kinds of pizza namely Roman Pizza that is crustier and thinner and Neapolitan one that seems to be relatively thicker and looks very much like a flat bread. Italians however, are used to distinguishing between white pizza or focaccia that has absolutely no tomato sauce and red pizza that has generous amounts of tomato sauce.


Risotto is supposed to be a rich and scrumptious rice-based dish served typically as a primo and that could be flavoured in numerous ways. Usually, the rice is cooked till it assumes a creamy consistency. You could flavour the broth with fish or meat depending on your tastebud. Almost all risottos have parmesan cheese, onion and butter. Some of the most popular risotto recipes include all Milanese and alla Romana.


Lasagne is a classic Italian dish and is a magical mix of ingredients which reflect the taste and preference of the one making it. You would find home-made lasagnes as the best ever lasagnes that would be loaded with ground beef, ricotta, sausage, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.

Spaghetti with Thick & Fresh Tomato Sauce

This spaghetti-based dish is inexpensive, simple and has wide options for adding such as mushrooms, meatballs, sausage, broccoli, or even ground beef. Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce is simple and quick enough for making at home whenever you feel like.

Zuppa di Cozze

Zuppa di Cozze is not actually a soup but it is an authentic Italian dish that is cooked in a classic fashion and mussels are served with a delicious white sauce comprising Italian parsley, garlic and white wine.

Italian cuisine is increasingly becoming popular worldwide thanks to the amazing taste and aroma.