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The Amazing World of Pasta

Food connoisseurs believe that Italian food is satisfying and bold without really being heavy. It is known for its richness, texture and a host of enticing flavours. Italian food is yummy and leaves you asking for more. Among the most popular Italian food, we must pay special attention to pasta as it is the staple of every Italian pantry. Pasta is a sure-fire hit with children and adults alike. Good Italian food is all about high-quality ingredients and great cooking skills. You would love the different types of pasta dishes. Pasta is a wonderfully simple dish but it is available in diverse varieties thanks to its versatility. You would find delicious pasta dishes in any reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

Some pasta dishes seem to be enjoyed as mostly the first course since the portion sizes often are pretty small. Pasta is also eaten if you are looking for light lunches. Sometimes thanks to the large portion sizes, Italians consume pasta often for dinner. Pasta could be easily prepared by food processor or hand and served either hot or cold as per your preferences. There is a host of pasta and pasta sauces seem to vary in colour, taste and texture.

You must check the compatibility of the sauces to the type of pasta you wish to eat. As a general rule, simple sauces such as pesto are great for thin and long strands of pasta. Thicker pasta goes well with rich tomato sauce. Chunkier and thicker sauces are good for seeping into the cuts and holes of tubular, short and twisted pasta. The excess sauce that is left on your plate after the pasta has been eaten could be mopped up with slices of bread.

Some Popular Types of Pasta

Angel Hair: This type of pasta comprises very delicate and fine strands that take only three to five minutes to cook. You could toss it with olive oil, light tomato sauce, butter or cream. You could add some seafood for added flavours and enhanced taste.

Elbow Macaroni: These are C-shaped short tubes that would be taking about six to eight minutes to cook. This pasta is mostly used for salads, baked dishes and soups. The ideal sauces for teaming up with elbow macaroni are either butter or cream.

Farfalle or Bow Ties: This type of pasta is usually pinched in the middle so that it looks like a bow tie. It would be taking around ten to twelve minutes to cook and is ideal for tossing with sauce and salads. You could use olive oil, cheese or butter.

Fettuccine: Flat egg noodles of spaghetti-length and ¼ inch in width.  It would be taking around ten to twelve minutes to cook. This pasta is ideal for tossing with a sauce. You could use a creamy or a cheesy sauce and add some small chunks of meat for enhancing the taste and boosting the flavours.

Fusilli, Rotini

This type of pasta comprise spirals that are almost 1 ½ inches in length. It would be requiring eight to ten minutes of cooking time.  Fusilli is ideally used in salads and baked dishes. The taste is unbelievable thanks to the pesto, tomato, and seafood.