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Three Hot Favourite Fast Food Items Loved by Young and Old Alike

Fast food items are on top of all culinary items and they have penetrated into all corners of our society. Fast food items are really quick to serve; they are modest and pretty affordable. They come in a broad spectrum of flavours and colours.

The affordable price is the primary reason why fast foods still continue to be so popular and in such great demand. It is very easy and simple to have access to fast foods and nearly every corner would have a restaurant or a fast food joint offering a super quick way of buying a meal. Fast food items are really delectable and they truly pamper your taste buds. Come enjoy burgers and pizza with mind-blowing toppings at a reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

Even though there have been slight alterations in the original recipes to meet the growing demands for healthy food, the original taste has been preserved with utmost care. Here are some of the fast food items that everyone would relish and have, right from the kids to the older adults.


From the quintessential burger with double or maybe triple beef patty, you could switch over to the vegetarian, cholesterol-free healthy burger option. Hamburger is the ideal comfort food that is loved and relished all over the world. Numerous varieties are being sold from diverse restaurants and fast food joints across the globe so that diners could get the opportunity to enjoy a tasty, convenient and hand-carried meal.

Burgers are a feel good food and are loved by one and all. They are the classic people food. They are juicy and yummy. There is no doubt that all food aficionados’ hot favourite food would be burgers. There are many reasons why burgers are so popular and why they are regarded as truly the people’s food.

Burgers are really affordable and very quick to serve. Two soft buns with a meaty slice of pure joy that is what a quintessential burger is. You could enjoy the simple sliders. They are quite a light treat but immensely tasty. You may opt for the giant triple-patty burgers and the list is truly never-ending. For children, eating the burger with just two hands without using any cutlery could be real fun. Burgers could be expensive, cheap fancy or simple but it would always be a delicious treat.


Everyone has been susceptible to the mind-blowing taste of the French Fries. French Fries have always been aptly referred to as the salty sticks of joy & ecstasy. Usually, French Fries are served as a delicious side dish with pretty much every burger order, wings order or for that matter; no fast food order is complete without tasty crunchy French Fries.

Statistics reveal that French fries actually are the most frequently ordered of all fast food items. It is usually coupled with meals or snacks. Fast food connoisseurs would always be ordering French Fries. High demand usually necessitates high supply and French Fries and burger combination is today available in fast food chains and even in restaurants across the USA, the UK and of course, Australia. Any reputed restaurant in South Melbourne would often have burgers and French Fries on their menu.


Pizza is relished by everyone all around the world. Pizza comes in numerous varieties and is easily one of the much-loved and frequently ordered fast food items. Pizza has been instrumental in bringing about a gastronomic revolution. Pizza is nothing but absolutely fluffy bread pieces with delectable toppings of pepperoni, cheese garlic, chicken salami, beef etc. Pizza has today assumed the status of the most celebrated food in the world.

Fast food items would be ruling the world forever thanks to the wide variety, affordable prices, and amazing taste.

The Amazing World of Pasta

Food connoisseurs believe that Italian food is satisfying and bold without really being heavy. It is known for its richness, texture and a host of enticing flavours. Italian food is yummy and leaves you asking for more. Among the most popular Italian food, we must pay special attention to pasta as it is the staple of every Italian pantry. Pasta is a sure-fire hit with children and adults alike. Good Italian food is all about high-quality ingredients and great cooking skills. You would love the different types of pasta dishes. Pasta is a wonderfully simple dish but it is available in diverse varieties thanks to its versatility. You would find delicious pasta dishes in any reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

Some pasta dishes seem to be enjoyed as mostly the first course since the portion sizes often are pretty small. Pasta is also eaten if you are looking for light lunches. Sometimes thanks to the large portion sizes, Italians consume pasta often for dinner. Pasta could be easily prepared by food processor or hand and served either hot or cold as per your preferences. There is a host of pasta and pasta sauces seem to vary in colour, taste and texture.

You must check the compatibility of the sauces to the type of pasta you wish to eat. As a general rule, simple sauces such as pesto are great for thin and long strands of pasta. Thicker pasta goes well with rich tomato sauce. Chunkier and thicker sauces are good for seeping into the cuts and holes of tubular, short and twisted pasta. The excess sauce that is left on your plate after the pasta has been eaten could be mopped up with slices of bread.

Some Popular Types of Pasta

Angel Hair: This type of pasta comprises very delicate and fine strands that take only three to five minutes to cook. You could toss it with olive oil, light tomato sauce, butter or cream. You could add some seafood for added flavours and enhanced taste.

Elbow Macaroni: These are C-shaped short tubes that would be taking about six to eight minutes to cook. This pasta is mostly used for salads, baked dishes and soups. The ideal sauces for teaming up with elbow macaroni are either butter or cream.

Farfalle or Bow Ties: This type of pasta is usually pinched in the middle so that it looks like a bow tie. It would be taking around ten to twelve minutes to cook and is ideal for tossing with sauce and salads. You could use olive oil, cheese or butter.

Fettuccine: Flat egg noodles of spaghetti-length and ¼ inch in width.  It would be taking around ten to twelve minutes to cook. This pasta is ideal for tossing with a sauce. You could use a creamy or a cheesy sauce and add some small chunks of meat for enhancing the taste and boosting the flavours.

Fusilli, Rotini

This type of pasta comprise spirals that are almost 1 ½ inches in length. It would be requiring eight to ten minutes of cooking time.  Fusilli is ideally used in salads and baked dishes. The taste is unbelievable thanks to the pesto, tomato, and seafood.

Popular Italian Dishes That Would Leave You Asking for More

Italian cuisine has been strongly influenced chiefly by traditions and history and also, by seasonal availability of the raw materials and products. Moreover, some well-known gourmet dishes that have got major acclaim such as truffles could only be found in specific areas of the country. Here are some of the well-known Italian dishes that boast of ever growing popularity. Generally, common Italian cuisine would include dishes such as pasta, pizza, risotto, some soups like Zuppe and Minestrones and some other delectable fish and meat dishes. You must try out mouth-watering Italian food Southbank.


Pasta could be of different types as per their composition, their cut or shape, and their production method. Numerous shapes are found but Italians refer to pasta loosely as long and short pasta and stuffed or plain pasta. Each cut or shape of pasta is known to complement a specific sauce according to the precise shape’s capacity to hold that sauce. Some pasta types could be found in only a particular area while some pasta changes its name as per the area or region.


Pizza is supposed to be round-shaped, flat oven-baked bread with an amazing topping comprising cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, chicken, mushroom, onion, capsicum, olives, pepper, jalapenos and many other optional toppings. Broadly speaking, you would come across two kinds of pizza namely Roman Pizza that is crustier and thinner and Neapolitan one that seems to be relatively thicker and looks very much like a flat bread. Italians however, are used to distinguishing between white pizza or focaccia that has absolutely no tomato sauce and red pizza that has generous amounts of tomato sauce.


Risotto is supposed to be a rich and scrumptious rice-based dish served typically as a primo and that could be flavoured in numerous ways. Usually, the rice is cooked till it assumes a creamy consistency. You could flavour the broth with fish or meat depending on your tastebud. Almost all risottos have parmesan cheese, onion and butter. Some of the most popular risotto recipes include all Milanese and alla Romana.


Lasagne is a classic Italian dish and is a magical mix of ingredients which reflect the taste and preference of the one making it. You would find home-made lasagnes as the best ever lasagnes that would be loaded with ground beef, ricotta, sausage, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.

Spaghetti with Thick & Fresh Tomato Sauce

This spaghetti-based dish is inexpensive, simple and has wide options for adding such as mushrooms, meatballs, sausage, broccoli, or even ground beef. Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce is simple and quick enough for making at home whenever you feel like.

Zuppa di Cozze

Zuppa di Cozze is not actually a soup but it is an authentic Italian dish that is cooked in a classic fashion and mussels are served with a delicious white sauce comprising Italian parsley, garlic and white wine.

Italian cuisine is increasingly becoming popular worldwide thanks to the amazing taste and aroma.

Why is Pizza everybody’s Hot Favourite?

Pizza originated in Naples, Italy for feeding the working class as it was inexpensive, convenient, and fast food. However, today it has become a staple in the USA. More and more restaurants worldwide are serving pizza today. Innovative ways of preparing and marketing pizza are coming up every now and then.

Pizza is among high consumption food and if you take any day, you would find that one out of every eight Americans is having it because of its low cost, convenience, versatility and mind-blowing taste.

Reasons behind Pizza’s Growing Popularity

As per statistics of a consumer research recently it is believed that 41% of Americans currently order pizzas at least once every week as compared to only 26% just some years back. Numerous pizzerias and fast-casual pizza chains have come up everywhere worldwide. You could find some of the best pizzas in any reputed Italian restaurant in South Melbourne. However, Pizza is nowadays included in the menu of even those restaurant chains which are not at all known for Italian cuisine or pizza.

Pizza Is Just Right Whatever the Time

You could have pizza for breakfast, lunch, brunch, tea or dinner. It is just right at all times. It is perfect for all occasions. You would love to eat pizza as a snack or even as a meal. Pizza is everyone’s hot favourite irrespective of the time.

Incredibly Cheesy & Yummy

It really tastes great whether hot or cold. Piping hot pizza for dinner is a delight to your tastebuds, but even the cold left over pizza tastes equally awesome as breakfast the next morning. Everyone loves cheese, and pizza is awesome because it is really cheesy. Most pizzas have a cheesy top, some come with cheese filled crust, and others have it hidden under the toppings. Pizza tastes amazing thanks to the overdose of cheese. It is loaded with yummy cheese.

No Party Is Complete without Pizza

Pizza lifts your mood in a party. Pizza and booze go so well together. If you are organising a house party, you could simply order pizza and relax. Everyone would love to have the cheesy Italian delight. Pizza is said to bring a party together whether house warming party or just a long weekend party, pizza is just perfect for pepping up a party.

Pizza Becoming Healthier

In response to the growing trend toward tasty, but healthy cooking, pizza is becoming healthier today. Pizza comes with fresh toppings mostly. It includes multiple vegetables and is considered to be healthier than the usual burger. A medium-sized veg pizza contains 4 times the calories contained in a Big Mac.

Pizza Is Cheap

Ever since the economic recession, everyone is pretty conscious about spending. Ordering pizza works out relatively cheaper than eating out. Though the economy has recovered, takeaways are still quite popular as people are still having budgetary constraints.

Innovative Variations Coming Up All the Time

The secret behind the continued craze for pizza is definitely menu innovation. Pizzerias and pizza chains are all the time presenting innovative variations of the classic pizza for maintaining consumer’s loyalty and interest. Moreover, these novelty pizzas actually are not at all easy to make at home.