6 Amazing Tips on How to Make Italian Dishes Healthy and Tasty

Are you looking for a cuisine, which can be fulfilling for your tummy, yet would not make you feel heavy? If yes, you must visit the popular restaurants in Southbank and try Italian food. You can also try making Italian dishes at your own kitchen. The flavours of various Italian dishes like, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and Italian salads would surely make you want more! While making the dishes delicious, the reputed Italian chefs always keep the health of the customers in their mind. As a result, they follow certain guidelines that make the preparations authentic, healthy, and tasty at the same time.

In this blog, let me discuss with you certain tips that can make the Italian dishes sumptuous and also, perfect for your well-being.

The Pasta Should Never Be Overdone

If you are making pasta, do not empty the whole pack into the bowl and end up cooking more than you can eat. Ideally, you should use 120 grams of pasta for one person. Also, pasta should never be overcooked and made too soft. ‘Firm to the bite’ or ‘al dente’ pasta’ is perfect for satisfying your hunger and keeping you light simultaneously.

Use Different Seasonal Ingredients

You must make the habit of using as much seasonal ingredients as possible in cooking Italian dishes. This can make your cooking more authentic because the traditional Italian diet includes various fresh produce in large quantities. Apart from adding a fresh flavour, the seasonal ingredients can lower the use of salt, sugar or fat, in order to enhance the taste. Thus, the use of fresh ingredients can surely make your diet more nutritious.

Make Preparations of Fish

Fish is an important part of the Italian diet and dishes made from fish are excellent in taste. Fish that are high in nutrients, such as shellfish are generally used in Italian cooking.

Use the Right Oil for Cooking

If you want your dishes to taste like, the Italian food served at restaurants in Southbank, you must switch to high-quality olive oil. Olive oil is not only a healthier option than other cooking oils, but is also better than margarine or butter.

Mind the Amount of Sauce You are Using

Italian food is never drowned in sauce. Rather, they are just lightly coated, with a layer of sauce. Using too much sauce can do nothing other than increasing the content of calorie and fat. If you are on a diet, try not to use tube-shaped pastas, such as penne and rigatoni because they soak up quite a lot of sauce.

Use Gremolata on the Dishes

If you have made grilled fish or steak, you can use gremolata to flavour it, instead of sauce. Gremolata consists of lemon zest, fresh parsley and finely-chopped garlic and is a special Italian garnish.

These guidelines are always used for making Italian food in Southbank. You too must follow these tips, if you want people to lick their fingers, after having the healthy and delicious Italian food that you cook.

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