Month: June 2018

A Quick Guide to Varieties of Pasta

Italian cuisine is famous for its innumerable varieties of pastas and pizzas. This cuisine is known for being savoury and light on stomach. The most popular Italian dishes apart from pizzas and pastas are lasagne, spaghetti and risotto. Italian food requires a great amount of precision because it involves loads of textures and flavours. Most Italian dishes have a simple way of preparation but one needs to know about the things like kinds of cheese, types of pastas, varieties of breads to be used, consistency to be maintained while cooking etc. Pastas are undoubtedly the most loved Italian dish and it is necessary to know the different kinds of pasta and their shapes. Here is a quick guide to the varieties of pasta and their usage-

• Penne
This cylindrical shaped pasta is the most commonly used one. Penne pasta is usually used when there is a cheesy or a creamy base sauce. The advantage of using this pasta is that this sauce does not drain over but instead stays and clings to the pasta giving the dish a rich texture and taste. Most people also team up this pasta with tomato-based sauces. Penne pasta is excellent for fillings and thick sauces.

• Farfalle
Farfalle is commonly known as bow-tie pasta. This particular pasta is shaped like a bow and is mostly used in the preparation of salads and light sauces. These pastas are also used for dressing dishes thanks to their interesting shape!

• Macaroni
If you are a fan of mac and cheese then macaroni is something you already know. These elbow-shaped pastas are very popular all over the world. Due to their curved shape it can hold thick sauces to the maximum. Macaroni pasta can also be used in soups and salads. Due to the popularity of mac and cheese, macaroni is now the most preferred type of pasta.

• Ravioli
Ravioli has recently gained popularity in the world of pastas. Raviolis are square-shaped pastas with ruffled edges. These pastas can be used for different kinds of stuffing like vegetables, meat, cheese etc.
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