Month: April 2018

4 Main Cooking Ingredients that Define Italian Cuisine

Italian food is one of the most popular and sought-after cuisines in the world. There is a famous saying that Italians know how to cook and eat their food. For native Italians, their food is like an art. But, what makes Italian food so peculiar and good in taste? The first and foremost reason is that chefs who prepare Italian food pay more attention to the freshness and quality of the ingredients instead of focusing on the type of preparation. The Italian dishes are diverse and each preparation varies from region to region.

In order to have the best of Italian cuisine like Margherita Pizza, Risotto and other Italian meals, you should visit the best food outlet that serves Italian food in South Melbourne. Take a look at the various ingredients used in the making of Italian dishes:

Olive Oil

According to Italian chefs, the quality of the olive oil determines the overall quality of the food. An Italian dish will always be incomplete without the final addition of a good quality olive oil. Not only the application of olive oil makes the dish peppery, but the addition of oil is also great for the health. Some researchers have stated the fact that the use of olive oil in cooking leads to a genuine decrease in the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. Being highly rich in MUFAs or monounsaturated fatty acids, the extra-virgin olive oil also comprises Vitamin E and other various healthy elements.


Although some people do not like the use of garlic in the food due to the after breath, there is a great value of garlic as a culinary element in the cooking process of Italian dishes. The pungent bulb has been on the pyramid of Italian cuisine history and is still one of the most favoured ingredients by chefs who offer Italian food in South Melbourne. On top of that, it has been a proven fact that garlic has many medicinal properties which makes it an essential ingredient in the preparation of Italian dishes.


Whether you love pizza or pasta, the application of mushroom is an absolute must to supplement the taste of the sauces. Incorporating a tasty umami flavour, the meaty texture of mushrooms makes the Italian food lovers go crazy. Apart from being a saviour to the vegetarians, even for people who want to have low calories often can replace meat with mushrooms. Thanks to their decent proportion of proteins and antioxidant minerals, mushrooms in Italian food are great for patients who suffer from digestive issues. On top of that, mushrooms possess a rich quality of potassium that is great for regulating the blood pressure in the body.


No pizza lover can ever think of eating pizza without applying some oregano to the pizza. According to a research, the herbs present in the oregano reduce the demand for sodium in the body, making pizza good for the heart. Another surprising health benefit of using oregano is it does not tax your heart the way salt does.

The aforementioned ingredients are not only essential for cooking Italian food, but they are also used in maintaining the authenticity of the Italian cuisine. Visit an Italian restaurant and taste the best Italian food in South Melbourne in order to keep your body healthy.

4 Things You Need to Know About Italian Food Tradition

Italian cuisine has earned worldwide acclaim and for most families in Europe, it is regarded as a family favourite. The special Italian gourmet specialties such as pizza, risotto, and so on are favoured for their mouth-watering flavour. Italian dishes might sound complex, but they are a careful amalgamation of history, culture, fresh ingredients, and culinary items.

From having a savoury pizza in South Melbourne to experiencing the amazing risotto and salads, Italian food provides you with an eclectic range of food items. However, in case you are thinking that what makes this delicious food cuisine the personal favourite of many, here are some of the factors that you should know about Italian food:

The Food Is Handcrafted

The world is gratified with the presence of so many cuisines, but not all of them have the level of preparation, painstaking and all-day work required that a typical Italian food does. This is where the authenticity of Italian foods comes into play, which deals with a great cooking knowledge and preparation. The pizza that is made in South Melbourne needs a great deal of handcraft and seasoning that is possible only through a chef who is expert in cooking Italian food. For some authentic Italian meals, aged cheese and fresh loaf of bread are availed, which sometimes take ample amount of time to prepare. That is the main reason why Italian dishes are mostly treated as a form of celebration.

An Easy Way to Prepare a Filling Meal

Although Italian food sometimes deals with a whole day of cooking, and some ingredients need to get matured for a brief period of time, the actual cooking procedure is very simple and exacting. The Italian tradition of cooking involves the preparation of an amazing, savoury dish, making it the leading choice of food for many diners all over the globe. Even the chefs, who prepare Italian meals like pizza, rely on a sequence of basic Italian culinary skills and processes. With a simple labour of love, you can attain an amazingly complex flavour whilst eating Italian food.

Indulge in Quality Conversations over a Pizza

Needless to say, having an Italian pizza in South Melbourne with your favourite pizza topping, can keep you invested in a conversation with your friends for hours. Moreover, Italian meals especially pizza, is one of the most unconventional culinary items in the world that is particularly made for sharing. As a matter of fact, Italian meals are not only served for satisfying your hunger, but it also blends into the background of a family conversation or a discussion with friends and colleagues. Unlike other cuisines, Italian food takes a long time to finish as well, owing to the presence of numerous food elements.

Enjoy Quality Food

Apart from the simplicity and passion, there is another ideology that works behind the preparation of Italian food, and that is to focus on the quality of the ingredients instead of extending the quantity. If the quality is of the ingredients is up to the mark, the quantity will itself get elaborated, owing to the basic Italian cooking techniques.

Since now you know the secret behind the success and popularity of Italian food, it is time to give a try to some of the authentic Italian dishes. With that being said, if you are looking for experiencing the aforementioned qualities of Italian cuisine, visit your nearest pizza outlet in South Melbourne and explore the Italian food tradition.