Month: February 2018

Popular Dishes to Try at an Italian Restaurant

Good food is the answer for every sour mood and who doesn’t love Italian food? With a wonderful diversity in tastes influenced by northern Italy and southern Italy, every dish makes use of ingredients in a way that has struck a chord with countries all over. It isn’t surprising to see Italian restaurants spring up in other countries and regions that add their own variation to the dishes. A number of restaurants can also be seen serving the best Italian food in Southbank that do justice to the dishes served. Here are some of the popular dishes to try in such a restaurant:

Spaghetti Carbonara: Made with a beautiful blend of eggs, cheese, black pepper, and guanciale in spaghetti. Although these ingredients are considered to be a standard, many variations have been made that make ingredients easier to come by. Most substitute the ingredients that are difficult to find with ones that blend well with the rest to create a dish worth stuffing yourself with.

Lasagna: A lasagne is a flat pasta made with layers of sheets of lasagne and other ingredients such as cheese, meat, etc. This layered dish is eaten with fervour not only in Italy but also all over the world in where Italian food has made its presence known in the form of Italian restaurants and bistros.

Risotto: Risotto is a mouth-watering dish that is made by cooking broth to a consistency that is creamy and thick. Rice is then added to the broth, making it a common recipe to cook rice in northern Italy. The broth for risotto can be made using vegetables, fish, or meat and most recipes also make use of onion, wine, and butter. While these are commonly used ingredients in Italy, one can find the risotto made a little differently in Italian restaurants in other regions and countries.

No matter where you are, finding Italian food isn’t difficult with so many eateries opened up that bring you the taste of Italy throughout the globe. You can find the best Italian food in Southbank in the many restaurants serving scrumptious delicacies so common to Italy.