Month: July 2017

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pizza

Pizza is supposed to be the world’s most loved food and it is probably one of the simplest of all delicacies that are popular worldwide. However, it is not that easy to define pizza. Centuries have gone by and pizza has evolved and completely transformed itself through the ages from being the patties that were made with mashed grains into a completely new dish today. Most remarkable change is in its main ingredient. It is today made from exclusively white flour-based dough as opposed to the coarse grains of yesteryear. Come to the best restaurant in South Melbourne to enjoy the delicious pizza.

What do you understand by Pizza today?

Even though pizza has gone through an evolutionary process and has assumed various forms with time, it has actually been a super-delicious flatbread that is baked at extremely high temperatures. With time, the pizza toppings, methods of preparation, composition, seasonings, and the equipment that is used have all gone through a radical change.

How did the pizzeria come by?

It is interesting to learn about the birth of quintessential Pizzeria. Right from the very beginning, people would rarely prepare pizza at their homes simply because they did not possess the skill to effectively stretch the dough and in many cases, they could not afford to build any wood-fired oven for baking the pizza. As such, pizza has always been purchased from small stalls mostly and sometimes, from individual pizza sellers walking down the teeming Neapolitan streets and selling their aromatic and mouth-watering food stuff. Then came some open-air pizza stands with makeshift seating arrangements. It was only in the year 1830 that the first official Pizzeria was inaugurated.

A Pizzeria during those days was referred to as an affordable gathering place which was specializing in the traditional pizza and was well-equipped with efficient wood burning stoves. Till date, Pizzeria serves as an economical fast-paced restaurant. You should enjoy your favorite pizza with your friends and family at the most reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

What is Neapolitan Pizza?

Neapolitan Pizza is supposed to be the original pizza. This absolutely delectable pie dates back to the 18th century. During this period at Naples in Italy, the not so affluent class would frequently buy food which could be eaten fast and was cheap enough. The Neapolitan Pizza fitted the bill just right. It was then a flatbread with cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and oil/. It was truly a lip-smacking delicacy that was cheap and readily available.

Is there any demand for the alternative pizza types?

Pizza comes today with endless varieties of toppings and styles. There is a great demand for the conventional pizza toppings such as veggies and pepperoni. However, alternative or unique pizza toppings draw more customers every day.

What is a thin crust pizza?

Thin crust pizza is supposed to be thinner at the center where you put the cheese, sauce, and other toppings but they have a doughy and a crunchy edge.  New York- Style and Neapolitan are thin crust pizzas that do not come with too many toppings as they would not be able to handle the extra weight.

What is a thick crust pizza?

Thick crust pizza is supposed to be uniformly thick all over. It could handle a lot of toppings and sauce. Sicilian and Chicago are some varieties of the thick crust pizzas. Today, pizza toppings could be extremely varied. You could enjoy meats, prawns, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruits, spices, and cheese. Visit the most reputed restaurant in South Melbourne to enjoy unique pizzas.