Month: March 2017

Reasons Why Kids Love to Have Pizza?

Pizza is loved by kids because it is incredibly delicious and most of them feel that pizza is the best food they have ever had. In reality, pizza is so yummy that a single slice is more than enough to convince little kids that no other food could be as good as or better than the truly mouth-watering pizza. Frankly speaking, pizza tastes delicious to every child because it contains everything a kid could be wanting in his food. Let your child enjoy the truly yummy and healthy pizza that is available in Port Melbourne.

Melted Cheese:  Babies have a longing for milk. Doctors would know the scientific reasons behind this fact. Cheese is made from milk and so there is an instant connection. Children are in love with cheese and for them, it is the best ingredient. Most children are really excited with the melting of cheese as that truly doubles the deliciousness of cheese. At least, that’s what children feel although this fact is yet to be scientifically established. Melted cheese is every kid’s favourite food and pizza topped with melted Margherita cheese certainly is the best food for any kid in the world.

Sauce: Most food connoisseurs have yet to figure out why small kids do not enjoy eating tomatoes yet they simply love tomato sauce. Maybe that is because of the spices that go into the making of a tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is certainly an indispensable feature of any pizza.  The magical mix of the crust along with melted cheese and tomato sauce could beat all other culinary experiences. Nothing could ever match the delightful pizza experience, as far as, kids are concerned. Enjoy a wonderful variety of traditional Italian pizza in Port Melbourne.

Crust: Children like bread. They love it particularly if it is chewy and thick with super crispy edges. They would love it even more provided it is topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese. So that explains their fascination or perhaps obsession with pizza.

Toppings: Between the ages of six and eleven children are craving for more independence. Every attempt made by them to claim their freedom such as purchasing their own clothes, borrowing the car or even voting is in reality, thwarted, excepting one. Children are free to actually choose pizza toppings and they are truly thrilled by the choices that are available to them.

Some Health Benefits of Pizza that Cannot Be Undermined

Most parents think that if a food tastes amazing, then something must be really bad for their children. But fortunately, pizza could be proved to be an exception to this assumption.

Tomato Sauce: We all know that tomato sauce is actually made from fresh and ripe tomatoes. And all of us are fully aware that tomatoes are healthy. They are red too. What makes tomatoes red? Lycopenes. These are supposed to be pretty strong antioxidants which Italian scientists claim could be helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancer.

Cheese: We all know that cheese is actually made of milk. You obviously, know that milk contains calcium. And calcium is great for strengthening bones. That is primarily the reason why babies drink milk.

Dough:  Grains are regarded as fundamental to a healthy diet worldwide. The dough contains grains. It is also known to contain antioxidants.  Pizzas that come with a whole wheat crust are known to provide a greater health boost.

Toppings: Pizza toppings surely serve to be the best way of tricking your kids into consuming vegetables, even the ones they seem to dislike. Pizza toppings contain vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, olives, and jalapenos. Nowadays meat lovers are forgoing the sausage and pepperoni and opting for the leaner alternatives such as chicken. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy a healthy and yummy pizza in Port Melbourne with your kids!