Month: December 2016

6 Mind-blowing Pizza Toppings to Savour

Savouring the taste of a pizza once in a while is quite a thing, especially if it has your preferred topping. You can order any topping of your choice and enjoy a bite of the most delicious pizza prepared at the nearest pizza corner.  You can visit a restaurant in South Melbourne to order a pizza with your favourite topping.

Know more about the various toppings that are liked most by Pizza lovers.

# Mushrooms

Whether you are a veggie or not, does not really matter when taste takes an upper- hand. Some of the most self-proclaimed non-vegetarians appreciate the taste of a pizza with mushroom toppings. With taste oozing out of the food, each bite will reflect the hard work and creativity that went into making the world’s first mushroom-topped pizza.

# Pepperoni

If beef and cured pork are okay, you can opt for pepperoni pizza. This is my personal favourite. Trust me! It is the complete package of a food. Mixed with cheese, jalapeño, bell peppers and the right amount of herbs sprinkled over it, the pepperoni pizza is quite a hit among pizza lovers.

# Sausage

A sausage-topped pizza made with love and care is bound to claim the sands under your feet. Add herbs and cheese to make the food a scintillating assault on the taste buds. A dash of the most suitable sauces – if you want – and a full-on appetite can make your day.

# Onions

Are you a die-hard vegan? No meat, nothing? In that case, the onion topped pizza is probably the right pizza for you. The restaurant in South Melbourne you visit to order your pizza may also offer home deliveries. Make a query before you travel all the way to the outlet. If you have guests at home and want to eat the pizza in the relaxed atmosphere of your home, what can be better than a home delivery?

# Extra cheese

Some of us simply do not want any other thing except cheese. Sausage, salami, veggies and pepperoni are mere distractions for such people. What we actually want is not a shared topping, but pure and pristine cheese as the topping on our pizzas. It is, however, often the fear of growing fat which makes us order the toppings; but from heart, we are cheese lovers.

# Black olives

If you are indeed an Italian cuisine lover, you will miss the presence of black olive on your pizza. Olive renders a tinge of freshness to the food making you ask for more even if you are full. It is the slightly sour taste of the fruit, which makes it such a favourite among the pizza fans (ardent Italian food fans).

These are some of the most demanded toppings among food lovers, rather Pizza fans. A restaurant in South Melbourne offering pizzas is just the thing you need to refresh your mind. Add the right topping to it and it becomes a meal worth enjoying whether with friends or alone.