Month: May 2016

Popular Italian Dishes That Would Leave You Asking for More

Italian cuisine has been strongly influenced chiefly by traditions and history and also, by seasonal availability of the raw materials and products. Moreover, some well-known gourmet dishes that have got major acclaim such as truffles could only be found in specific areas of the country. Here are some of the well-known Italian dishes that boast of ever growing popularity. Generally, common Italian cuisine would include dishes such as pasta, pizza, risotto, some soups like Zuppe and Minestrones and some other delectable fish and meat dishes. You must try out mouth-watering Italian food Southbank.


Pasta could be of different types as per their composition, their cut or shape, and their production method. Numerous shapes are found but Italians refer to pasta loosely as long and short pasta and stuffed or plain pasta. Each cut or shape of pasta is known to complement a specific sauce according to the precise shape’s capacity to hold that sauce. Some pasta types could be found in only a particular area while some pasta changes its name as per the area or region.


Pizza is supposed to be round-shaped, flat oven-baked bread with an amazing topping comprising cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, chicken, mushroom, onion, capsicum, olives, pepper, jalapenos and many other optional toppings. Broadly speaking, you would come across two kinds of pizza namely Roman Pizza that is crustier and thinner and Neapolitan one that seems to be relatively thicker and looks very much like a flat bread. Italians however, are used to distinguishing between white pizza or focaccia that has absolutely no tomato sauce and red pizza that has generous amounts of tomato sauce.


Risotto is supposed to be a rich and scrumptious rice-based dish served typically as a primo and that could be flavoured in numerous ways. Usually, the rice is cooked till it assumes a creamy consistency. You could flavour the broth with fish or meat depending on your tastebud. Almost all risottos have parmesan cheese, onion and butter. Some of the most popular risotto recipes include all Milanese and alla Romana.


Lasagne is a classic Italian dish and is a magical mix of ingredients which reflect the taste and preference of the one making it. You would find home-made lasagnes as the best ever lasagnes that would be loaded with ground beef, ricotta, sausage, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.

Spaghetti with Thick & Fresh Tomato Sauce

This spaghetti-based dish is inexpensive, simple and has wide options for adding such as mushrooms, meatballs, sausage, broccoli, or even ground beef. Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce is simple and quick enough for making at home whenever you feel like.

Zuppa di Cozze

Zuppa di Cozze is not actually a soup but it is an authentic Italian dish that is cooked in a classic fashion and mussels are served with a delicious white sauce comprising Italian parsley, garlic and white wine.

Italian cuisine is increasingly becoming popular worldwide thanks to the amazing taste and aroma.