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The home of Flame Grilled Gourmet Flavours : Circolo – Since opening , Circolo has been selling pizza that has been pleasing the palates of people everywhere.

It is this style of pizza, and the way it is exclusively prepared, that differentiates Circolo from any other pizzeria on the planet.

Circolo only uses the highest quality ingredients, they have built their business, their reputation, and their taste on keeping it that way.

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Circolo Restaurant Pizza

Inspired with a passion for authentic Italian food, Circolo offers the quintessential experience in pasta and pizza, conveniently located in Southbank.

Drawing from age-old recipes and hand-made by our devoted pizzaiolo, our delectable dishes with its lingering aromas will tease and tantalize your taste buds.

At Circolo, we serve masterful yet traditionally perfect pizzas.  We use all quality ingredients in order to give our pizzas its authentic taste and perfect crust, making our pizzas simply delicious.

We offer a full menu of impressive breakfast and lunch meals including burgers, salads ,pastas , risottos – there’s something for everyone.

Come and experience our Italian restaurant with authentic pizzas in the quiet part of Southbank. We offer our delicious pizza/pasta/risotto and food take away menu and we are able to quickly deliver to nearby areas such as South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, and Albert Park.

Circolo offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to share a great meal so we look forward to seeing you here!

Buon appetito!!

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What our customers say

We are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some customer comments with you.

Enrico B. da Luz

This is really a hidden gem. It has the best Italian food, the most friendly staff and they use quality ingredients. I highly recommend the Princess (prosciutto) pizza and the garlic pizza, the best choice for lazy Friday nights. The chicken and mushroom risotto is also great.

Khudargan Matchanov

Best place i have ever been, thank you guys for your performance you are astonishing. Highly recommend for everyone who loves Italian dish come and try their risotto it is the best stuff to eat.

Breanna Baasch

Love this place! Support small business - delicious authentic Italian pizzas made from scratch. One of my favorite restaurants in Melbourne.

Philip Witowski

Good food, generous portion sizes and enjoyed the seating outside. The staff were very friendly and even a bit talkative. Really enjoyed the pizzas though and thought the prices were quite reasonable. Would recommend to any pizza lovers out there.

Chris Tang

This place is right downstairs from where we are staying and we gave it a try out of convenience. We are glad we did. The pizza (we ordered the circolo) was really good. We are from New York so we know what good pizza is, and this is very well made authentic Italian pizza, on par with the best from Brooklyn. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a good slice or pie!

Urvashi Basra

Amazing Italian food! Great authentic taste that I absolutely love! Very welcoming people Must visit!