Learn More about Your Favourite Pizza, Pasta, Burger & Risotto

Nothing is more exciting and enticing than visiting your much-loved restaurant that serves all your hot favourite dishes. Everyone looks forward to a relaxing evening with family and friends at a cool restaurant where they could order some amazing food. No other food could give your kids the happiness that they get when they see Pizza. Visit the best restaurant located in South Melbourne for mind-blowing pizza, pasta, burger, risotto and much more. Let us learn more about these delicious treats. Here are some frequently asked questions about pizza, pasta, burgers, and risotto.

What Is The Actual Difference Between Cheese Pizza & Pizza Margherita?

Cheese Pizza is supposed to be as delectable and scrumptious as Pizza Margherita but it does not at all follow any stringent guidelines that go into the making of a true Margherita.  Fresh mozzarella could be used in the Cheese Pizza but that is often reserved for the relatively fancier pizza places. However, Cheese Pizza is still a yummy treat for your dinner with loads of grated regular packaged mozzarella. Cheese Pizzas are usually loaded with generous amounts of cheese that make it really delicious and sinful too. Various cheese combinations are often used such as Parmesan, fontina, and some other mild types.

Pizza Margherita was the brainchild of a Neapolitan pizzaiolo named Raffaele Esposito for demonstrating the colours of the Italian National Flag with tomatoes signifying red, mozzarella signifying white and basil signifying green. The real secret behind the ever-growing popularity of Pizza Margherita is the emphasis on the use of only highest quality ingredients. This sort of a pizza would be having a simple but delicious sauce made from crushed ripe tomatoes and the pizza had a topping comprising mozzarella and basil. A generous drizzle of the healthy olive oil and some salt would give a whole new dimension to the already delicious pizza. It would be cooked quickly and boasts of a crispy and thin crust.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Pizza Toppings?

Some of the most popular pizza toppings worldwide are:

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Pineapple
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Green peppers
  • Spinach
  • Extra cheese
  • Black olives

What Are Some Of The Most Delightful Traditional Italian Pizza?

The Garlic Pizza is extremely popular traditional Italian pizza that is full of delicious herbs, spices, and garlic oil is the star. Bocconcini Margherita is another delightful choice of pizza available to you. It boasts of a delicious topping comprising San Marzano tomato, fresh basil, fresh bocconcini, & EVO oil. Mediterranean Fisherman is another enticing traditional Italian pizza comprising San Marzano tomato, oregano, mozzarella, and marinated seafood. Enjoy all these mouth-watering conventional Italian pizzas at the most reputed restaurant based in South Melbourne.

How Big Or Brown Should Your Burger Be?

Your burger should be really big. Even though bigger is not necessarily better, bigger size certainly adds to the amazing experience of having a burger. However, some burgers tend to be exceptionally big and it becomes difficult to eat them without feeling gross later. The standard burger weight must be around 4 ounces. However, two ounces or even less are supposed to be sliders. How brown should your burger be? Many foodies believe that the burger’s surface often tells you about how good the burger would be. A deep brown burger surface is supposed to be a vital characteristic of a good burger.

Is Pasta Healthy?

Pasta is supposed to be a nutritious and health-promoting food as it is a healthy complex food containing carbohydrate but suitable to most of the diets. Pasta is supposed to be an integral part of global healthy eating patterns. Many healthcare providers recommend balanced pasta meals. Pasta is known to join other grains and vegetables, fruits, beans, olive oil, legumes, seeds, nuts, spices, and herbs as the foundation of the healthiest eating pattern worldwide called the Mediterranean Diet.

Is risotto good & healthy for you?

Risotto is made with the refined Arborio rice that is known to have fewer minerals and vitamins as compared to the whole grains. However, they are known to provide really quick energy for your body when they are converted to glucose. Moreover, seafood risotto is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are not only healthy they are good at reducing inflammation and improving cardiovascular health.

Enjoy your favourite dishes at a renowned restaurant in South Melbourne.

Enjoy Your Pizza Even More with an Incredible Range of Cheeses in Your Toppings

Pizza is one of the world’s most favoured foods. There are thousands upon thousands of pizzerias all over the world, generating billions in revenue. This doughy delight is available in many forms and tastes and is genuinely brilliant. Find the most reputable pizza takeaway Southbank establishment near you.

There are hundreds of toppings you can have on your pizza, but cheese is usually a staple- and it isn’t just cheese; various kinds of cheese can be used in pizzas, separately or together. Here are some of the very best and most popular.


True Italian pizzas use Mozzarella cheese. It needs minimal processing, tastes super fresh and is very creamy and light. Even other pizza cheese blends and well-known pizzas like Margherita choose to have a mozzarella base. There are various sub-varieties available as well, like high or low-moisture cheeses. The high-moisture variety has to be used within a day of being made and creates a soggy, creamy, fresh pizza. Low-moisture ones have a good shelf-life and melt more easily and are hence preferred in most cases. Furthermore, you have whole and skim varieties of low-moisture cheese, which vary in fat content. This, in turn, affects the melting and taste of your topping.


One of the finest cheeses to emerge from Italy is Provolone. It is semi-hard and is usually blended with mozzarella. It is aged for quite some time because aging brings out the nuances in its taste. A younger provolone is creamier and sweeter, while the older ones are drier, and have a sharper taste. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this great cheese.


Cheddar cheese is very popular all over the world but isn’t usually associated with pizza. In fact, however, most pizza cheese blends contain cheddar. It has a small elasticity which allows it to blister less than mozzarella and makes it a wonderful addition to your pie. Sharper cheddars have a deep orange tint and add a very interesting colour to pizzas on which they are used. You get to see them on specialty pies such as the cheeseburger, chicken bacon ranch pizza, and buffalo chicken pizza. These are available at a pizza takeaway restaurant in Southbank near you.


Parmesan cheese is the more popular name for the Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is a hard cheese that is grated and put on top of freshly-baked pizzas. It has a very subtle flavour and is rather dry, which is why it is used in moderation and never blended into cheese mixes or baked in an oven so that the umami taste is preserved. Best used as a garnish, parmesan is an absolute hit on any pizza.

Other Cheeses

While mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, and parmesan are considered the four primary pizza cheeses, gourmet pizzas include several other varieties.

Gouda: This is a semi-hard Dutch cheese and is loved for its smoothness and unique flavour. It is a huge hit with barbecue chicken or pulled pork pizzas and is brilliant even when smoked.

Goat Cheese:  Goat cheese does not melt readily but softens up when put in the oven. Small blobs of goat cheese go very well with peppers, caramelized onions, and figs.

Gruyere: This savoury cheese melts readily and has a very complex flavour profile, tasting earthy, nutty, and sweet all at once.

Ricotta: Ricotta is used as a base cheese in white sauce pizzas and blended with gruyere, gorgonzola, fontina, and, of course, mozzarella.

Each of these cheeses has an awesome flavour profile and goes well with various toppings. Visit a pizza takeaway in Southbank today!

Learn More about the Best Cheeses that Make Pizza So Yummy

There is no doubt that pizza is one of the hot favourite foods worldwide for both the adults and the children alike. There are several pizzerias across the nation that helps in generating tremendous revenue annually. There is certainly heavy competition and some of the top ingredients are used by the pizzerias vying for customer attention.  One of the most effective ways of staying way ahead of the competition is by using the best type and quality of cheese for complementing different pizza toppings. Visit the best restaurant in South Melbourne to taste your hot favourite pizza and choose from one of the many innovative and super-delicious toppings.

Here are some of the different kinds of cheeses that are used today for making your favourite pizza ever more delicious.

Why is Mozzarella regarded as the best pizza cheese?

Nothing could beat mozzarella cheese in terms of popularity. An authentic Italian pizza would be having a generous amount of mozzarella on it. Mozzarella takes an ordinary pizza to the next level in terms of taste and flavours. As the mozzarella cheese is a minimally processed one, it would be offering a light and truly creamy texture and a fresh taste. It is normally the base of all kinds of pizza cheese blend. However, certain specific pizza styles, such as the Margherita is incomplete without the mind-blowing mozzarella.

What are the factors to keep in mind while choosing mozzarella cheese for your pizza?

There are several important factors to keep in mind while mozzarella for your favourite pizza. You could choose from predominantly two options initially: high and low moisture mozzarella.

A high-moisture mozzarella would be having a really short shelf life and needs being consumed the very day it has been prepared. But the striking feature of high-moisture mozzarella is that it would be creating a really soggy and creamy texture in the centre of your Neapolitan pie and your taste buds would truly be tantalised.

In contrast to this, the low-moisture mozzarella would be soured further after it has been prepared and enjoys a relatively longer shelf life. This makes the buying and transporting in bulk certainly a far easier process. The lower-moisture mozzarella has a relatively denser flavour and saltier taste in contrast to its counterpart. It also, melts far more easily.

Another important factor to keep in mind, while choosing mozzarella for your pizza is its fat content. Remember that high fat content would mean that the cheese would be melting more and it would be aiding in a much yummier presentation. Come enjoy super-delicious pizzas at the most reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

What Is Provolone?

Provolone is actually a semi-hard type of Italian cheese. It is often blended with mozzarella and seems to be quite a favourite with everyone. Depending on its age, provolone’s flavour would be varying. If you have a preference for a creamie texture and sweeter flavour, you could use a provolone that has been prepared only for a short period of time. If you have a fascination for a dryer texture and sharper taste, you must opt for a provolone that has been prepared and fermented for a relatively longer time span.

What other cheese alternatives could you use in your pizza?

You could use Cheddar and Parmesan in your pizza. Cheddar is supposed to be sharp in taste and complements your pizza’s taste and flavour. Parmesan is best for giving an amazing finishing touch to your pizza. It is great for garnishing on the pizza crust or pie.

Visit the best restaurant in South Melbourne and enjoy your hot favourite pizza.

Learn More about Pasta

Pasta is certainly one of the most favourite food items and is truly nutritious, delicious, and affordable too. Pasta is relished by both young and the old, people from different professions, and different cultures. Pasta is a hot favourite item for all chic and modern international chefs. Pasta has invaded both the family pantries and the glossy gourmet magazine’s cover. However, certain misconceptions still exist about this highly nourishing staple. Here are expert’s answers to some relevant and frequently asked questions about pasta. Visit the best restaurant in South Melbourne for delicious pasta.

Do You Know Pasta Is Healthy?

A pasta meal is regarded as a wonderful way of consuming legumes, vegetables, and many other healthy foods that are often not consumed in adequate quantities. Pasta is regarded by many nutritionists as a really healthy nutritious and health-promoting food. It is actually a nice and healthy food containing complex carbohydrate that could complement most diets. Pasta is surely considered as a key constituent of several conventional healthy eating patterns in the world. Healthcare workers must recommend balanced and varied pasta meals for ensuring good health and overall well-being.

Will Pasta Make Me Fat?

Pasta is not responsible for making you fat. Several clinical trials have confirmed that excessive calories and certainly not carbohydrates cause obesity. Diets that are proven effective for weight loss could focus on a wide range of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Remember all three macronutrients mentioned above are needed in proper proportions and balance for chalking out a healthy and personalized diet plan that could be followed for the rest of your life. You must understand the long-term consequences of a low carb diet. They are certainly not safe for consumption on a long-term basis.

A pasta meal could really be moderate as far as calorie content is concerned provided you are eating the correct portion and the topping or the dressing is not unnecessarily calorie rich. Currently, diabetes and obesity issues are constantly on the rise. Pasta meals along with some other low-glycaemic Index foodstuff could be instrumental in controlling weight and blood sugar issues, particularly, in obese people. The Glycaemic Index actually is regarded as a factor impacting the carbohydrate-rich foods’ healthfulness. Enjoy your favourite pasta at the most trusted restaurant located in South Melbourne.

What is the GI of Pasta and Does It Differ From Other Carbohydrate-Containing Food Items?

There is a constant rise in the number of diabetes and obesity patients. In this context, you must know that pasta and such other low-glycaemic foods could assist in controlling weight and blood sugar levels. According to some top bracket scientists, any diet that contains low glycaemic Index food would be reducing the risk and incidence of Type 2 Diabetes, reduces inflammation, and also coronary heart diseases. The manner in which the pasta is produced would effectively reduce the glycaemic response.

Does Pasta Have Gluten? Is It Necessary to Consume Gluten Free Diets?

Pasta does contain gluten which is a protein composite present in wheat and some other grains that gives the dough its characteristic elasticity. People who are suffering from celiac disease must stick strictly to a gluten-free diet.

Pasta happens to be a mealtime hot favourite dish that is served in gourmet restaurants and at family tables all over the world. Pasta is regarded as perfect in its healthfulness, versatility, and of course, simplicity. It is certainly a reasonably priced staple food that is known to offer effective solutions to current day issues associated with health, environment, and nutrition. Enjoy absolutely mind-blowing pasta at your favourite restaurant based in South Melbourne.

Things to Look for While Choosing the Best Pizza Outlet

Pizza is the hot favourite food worldwide. This is an exotic dish known for its rich aroma, crispy crust and oodles of cheese in diverse toppings. Pizza is surely a delightful treat for all food aficionados across the globe. Pizzas come in various sizes and in wide varieties to cater to the individual taste buds, preferences, and hunger levels. You could have pizza anytime and every time. It is ideal for supper or as a snack anytime during the day. It could be ordered for official lunches and business meets, or a get-together at home. Pizza is something that should be enjoyed together in a group. There is no fun in having pizza sitting at home alone. Call over friends this weekend and enjoy the best pizza in Melbourne CBD.

Today there is no dearth of pizza outlets in any of the top cities in the world. There are several pizza outlets offering various kinds of pizza differing in styles and flavours. Nothing could be more enticing and yummy than a slice of pizza and the taste of melting cheese in your mouth. But of course, you are looking for the best pizza in town so you must visit the perfect pizza outlet that would be serving top quality pizza and assuring a wonderful culinary experience. Here are some of the things to consider when you are looking for the best pizza in Melbourne CBD.

The Menu Should Be Interesting & Extensive

There are numerous pizza places in Melbourne that would be serving their specialities but not all of them serve what you are looking for. Choose a place that offers an extensive menu comprising various types of pizza in terms of toppings and crust. You must browse the menu properly and choose your favourite pizza or try out something new that sounds interesting. You could opt for a soft, hard, doughy, spicy, bitter, or sweet crust or you may choose a spicy or a cheesy topping that comes in a wide variety. Keep trying delicious pizzas from an exhaustive menu until you identify the best pizza for you in Melbourne CBD.

Warm & Welcoming Ambiance

An ambiance plays a pivotal role in the entire culinary experience. Great food with complementary great ambiance is what you should look for. In order to savour the mouth-watering pizza, you would be requiring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The crowd should be good and the staff should be friendly and competent. There should be stimulating music to set the right food for enjoying the ever-so-delicious pizza. Good music and proper lighting could uplift your mood and make your pizza experience a memorable one so that you would keep coming back to the same pizza outlet.

Hygiene Should Be on Top of Your Mind

Health and hygiene are important in whatever we do. You must make sure that your pizza outlet is squeaky clean in terms of the kitchen, the sitting arrangement, customer’s washroom etc. You must ask if the ingredients are fresh or not. Choose a place that follows all industry health standards and stringent regulations.

You must choose a place that is near your house or workplace so that you could hop in whenever you are in a mood for your favourite pizza. You must be looking for immaculate service and ensure that you are choosing a place that not only offers the best pizza in Melbourne CBD but also serves 24×7.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pizza

Pizza is supposed to be the world’s most loved food and it is probably one of the simplest of all delicacies that are popular worldwide. However, it is not that easy to define pizza. Centuries have gone by and pizza has evolved and completely transformed itself through the ages from being the patties that were made with mashed grains into a completely new dish today. Most remarkable change is in its main ingredient. It is today made from exclusively white flour-based dough as opposed to the coarse grains of yesteryear. Come to the best restaurant in South Melbourne to enjoy the delicious pizza.

What do you understand by Pizza today?

Even though pizza has gone through an evolutionary process and has assumed various forms with time, it has actually been a super-delicious flatbread that is baked at extremely high temperatures. With time, the pizza toppings, methods of preparation, composition, seasonings, and the equipment that is used have all gone through a radical change.

How did the pizzeria come by?

It is interesting to learn about the birth of quintessential Pizzeria. Right from the very beginning, people would rarely prepare pizza at their homes simply because they did not possess the skill to effectively stretch the dough and in many cases, they could not afford to build any wood-fired oven for baking the pizza. As such, pizza has always been purchased from small stalls mostly and sometimes, from individual pizza sellers walking down the teeming Neapolitan streets and selling their aromatic and mouth-watering food stuff. Then came some open-air pizza stands with makeshift seating arrangements. It was only in the year 1830 that the first official Pizzeria was inaugurated.

A Pizzeria during those days was referred to as an affordable gathering place which was specializing in the traditional pizza and was well-equipped with efficient wood burning stoves. Till date, Pizzeria serves as an economical fast-paced restaurant. You should enjoy your favorite pizza with your friends and family at the most reputed restaurant in South Melbourne.

What is Neapolitan Pizza?

Neapolitan Pizza is supposed to be the original pizza. This absolutely delectable pie dates back to the 18th century. During this period at Naples in Italy, the not so affluent class would frequently buy food which could be eaten fast and was cheap enough. The Neapolitan Pizza fitted the bill just right. It was then a flatbread with cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and oil/. It was truly a lip-smacking delicacy that was cheap and readily available.

Is there any demand for the alternative pizza types?

Pizza comes today with endless varieties of toppings and styles. There is a great demand for the conventional pizza toppings such as veggies and pepperoni. However, alternative or unique pizza toppings draw more customers every day.

What is a thin crust pizza?

Thin crust pizza is supposed to be thinner at the center where you put the cheese, sauce, and other toppings but they have a doughy and a crunchy edge.  New York- Style and Neapolitan are thin crust pizzas that do not come with too many toppings as they would not be able to handle the extra weight.

What is a thick crust pizza?

Thick crust pizza is supposed to be uniformly thick all over. It could handle a lot of toppings and sauce. Sicilian and Chicago are some varieties of the thick crust pizzas. Today, pizza toppings could be extremely varied. You could enjoy meats, prawns, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruits, spices, and cheese. Visit the most reputed restaurant in South Melbourne to enjoy unique pizzas.

Embrace Pizza- Even on a Diet

Whenever someone is talking about dieting to lose weight, one of the first items they shun is the pizza. This is highly disappointing because pizza is given a bad rap for absolutely no reason. You’d be surprised to hear that it isn’t the fatty, calorie-loaded disaster that most fanatics think it is. In fact, pizzas are rich in various sorts of nutrients like protein, fibre, and calcium. There’s no doubt, however, that some pizzas could be quite extravagant, so you are going to have to pick smart when ordering from your favourite pizza takeaway based in Southbank. Here are the top tips for healthy pizza buying.

The Right Crust

Always try to opt for the thin crust and avoid the cheese-filled one.

The Toppings

One of the most popular toppings is Pepperoni. Some other super popular options are sausage, mushrooms, onion, and pepper. However, opt for all veggies as they are great for toppings; you really can’t go wrong. Artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, garlic, peppers; all of these add wonderful colour and flavour to your pizza and are totally worth adding. You can add eggplant, but ensure it isn’t fried and breaded. Skip processed meats like pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs, because these hold extra calories and fat. Go for chicken instead.

To Cheese or Not to Cheese

You should ask for less cheese in the first place, and definitely, say no to extra cheese if offered. It is a huge source of calories and fat and should be avoided. You could also order without cheese and then sprinkle some parmesan on top, or alternatively, order a pizza with ricotta replacing mozzarella. This actually halves your calorie input.


There’s no scientific research that proves that you’re saving a ton of calories if you blot your pizza with a napkin or a piece of paper. That said it might still be a good thing to do if the pizza you are served looks incredibly oily.

The Right Portion

Too much of a great thing is actually quite bad. A standard pizza slice is about 300 calories, which is rather acceptable. However, if you push beyond this threshold and move to the second or third slice, then your diet is in trouble. Instead, load some fibre-rich veggies which are filling and tasty all at once so that you don’t need to go for another slice. Might also be a good idea to go for a fresh, healthy side salad. You might also be wondering about a six-inch pizza, and whether it is a good replacement for a single slice- it isn’t. It is equivalent to two full slices. Know this before ordering pizza takeaway in Southbank.

Accompanying Beverages

Most people take their pizzas with a chilled soda or beer on the side, but these should be dropped if you’re looking to lose weight. There’s no doubt that the best accompaniment is water, but you could go for fruit juices as well.

In the end, if you’re craving a slice of pizza, go for it. Call a pizza takeaway nearest to your place in Southbank and have a slice sent over. The calorie intake really isn’t out of the ordinary, as long as you are able to limit yourself to a single slice. Pizza isn’t forbidden fruit at all- there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you.

The Ever-Growing Popularity of Italian Food

Over the years, Italian food has gained immense popularity worldwide, particularly, in the West. Most restaurants would love to include at least, one Italian item on their menus such as risotto, pizza, or even spaghetti. Italian dishes are created in diverse styles with some common ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, olive oil, wine, and cereals. Tomatoes are the most preferred and used vegetables and they are an integral part of Italian cuisine and they are regarded as both a fruit and a vegetable in Italy. You could enjoy authentic Italian food in your favourite restaurant in South Melbourne.

Did you ever come across anyone who does not like Italian food?

The answer is a vehement no. Italian food is loved and enjoyed by everyone as it has a universal appeal. People across the world enjoy Italian food.

Is there only one type of Italian Cuisine?

Every household, every town, every region in Italy actually, enjoys its own distinctive and unique style of cuisine. You could come across rustic and simple peasant fare in Tuscany. You could enjoy hard cheeses and stuffed pasta in Emilia-Romagna. Northern Italy is known for polenta, rice, and butter. However, in Southern Italy, you would never encounter butter. Food is prepared exclusively in olive oil. Some parts of the country use lots of tomatoes while others prefer to be seafood-centric. There is a wide diversity in Italian cuisine so there is something to suit every palate. Visit a reputed restaurant in South Melbourne if you wish to enjoy authentic Italian food.

What sorts of ingredients are used in Italian cuisine?

Italians focus on simple and fresh ingredients.  Italian food is known for its incredible diversity but there exists a unifying factor that is, they focus on local farm-fresh ingredients. Everyone loves Italian food not only because of their amazing taste but because of their health-boosting ingredients.

Has Italian food been given a twist ever?

Yes, classic Italian food has been customized to suit the American palate. There are certain Italian dishes that are famous worldwide but you would not find them in Italy. The most loved Spaghetti and meatballs is a fusion delight. Italians love both meatballs and spaghetti marinara but as separate dishes and are enjoyed as entirely separate courses. In the 1900s when Italian restaurateurs observed that Americans love eating meat with practically everything so they came up with the concept of Spaghetti and meatballs by combining two distinct courses. However, there are many Italian-American dishes which are similar to the dishes you would find in Italy. The red-sauce based Italian delicacy is entirely an American innovation.

Which is the most famous Italian dish? Why?

Pizza is the most popular and famous Italian dish. It is regarded as the tastiest of all food. You would never find anybody who does not like to have a Pizza bite. However, people choose different flavours, tastes, and certainly varying degree of toppings and cheese and thin or thick pizza crust as per their palate. Children, particularly, love pizza \for their delightfully cheesy gooeyness and the amazingly crunchy crust. Enjoy mouth-watering pizza at your nearest restaurant in South Melbourne.

What are the chief ingredients of Italian dishes?

All Italian ingredients are today readily available all over the world from Australia to the USA. Tomato sauce, pasta, mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, parsley, basil, olive oil, shallots, garlic, etc. are some of the chief ingredients that go into the making of delectable Italian delicacies.

Make Every Occasion a Reason to Celebrate with Pizza

For all pizza lovers any occasion could be a wonderful opportunity for ordering pizza. Pizza is one food that is loved by one and all. Nobody would ever grudge you for offering pizza for any occasion. Any special occasion or event could become even more special and enjoyable if pizza is served for the guests to relish. Here are some special occasions that could be celebrated best with none other than pizzas.

Birthday Parties

No celebration is complete without the yummy pizza. One of the occasions, when pizza is in great demand, is a birthday party. You could order some delicious pizza for everybody irrespective of the number of invited guests. You could choose from a variety of crust types or toppings according to your taste buds. Get in touch with a reputed pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

An Important Match or Game

Pizza is the most preferred food to enjoy while the big game is on. Pizza is always the right choice for any big sporting event you are enjoying on the television. Order some delicious pizzas if you are the host or you could carry something for everyone to eat.

Graduation Parties

Graduation party could really be a special occasion for you. However, it could get pretty expensive. It is better to order pizza to celebrate your wonderful achievement as pizza is one food you simply cannot go wrong with. It is loved by everyone and it is affordable. It is always a great idea to choose pizza over the unnecessarily expensive catered meal. Order your favourite pizza from a well-known pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

Wedding Receptions

Your wedding is the most special event in your life. You would love to celebrate this happy occasion with your loved ones. Obviously, you need to provide a fulfilling meal to your friends and family who are invited to grace the occasion. It could be a pretty expensive affair if you try to organise a full-fledged meal. Instead, you could order everybody’s hot favourite pizza to keep the expenses within your budget and let everyone have a fantastic culinary experience.

Family Get-Togethers

Family get-togethers and reunions are the best things to happen as they are instrumental in bringing together all your near and dear ones. It sometimes feels quite unfair when some family members need to devote all the time fixing a meal for everyone else. It is, therefore, a smart idea to order some pizza so that nobody is left to slog in the kitchen. Now everyone can join in the fun equally and have a gala time. Now make your family reunions even more enjoyable and happy by ordering some pizzas with your favourite toppings from a famous pizza takeaway in South Melbourne.

Move In Time

If you have just shifted to a new house, you know how hard it is to reorganize everything in the household front on your own. You must have been slogging for days packing your household stuff. Now you need to devote a lot of time into unpacking all those boxes and setting up your new home. You need to organise everything in the kitchen including the pans, pots and the dishes. It is better to order a yummy and truly fulfilling pizza from your favourite pizzeria.

Reasons Why Kids Love to Have Pizza?

Pizza is loved by kids because it is incredibly delicious and most of them feel that pizza is the best food they have ever had. In reality, pizza is so yummy that a single slice is more than enough to convince little kids that no other food could be as good as or better than the truly mouth-watering pizza. Frankly speaking, pizza tastes delicious to every child because it contains everything a kid could be wanting in his food. Let your child enjoy the truly yummy and healthy pizza that is available in Port Melbourne.

Melted Cheese:  Babies have a longing for milk. Doctors would know the scientific reasons behind this fact. Cheese is made from milk and so there is an instant connection. Children are in love with cheese and for them, it is the best ingredient. Most children are really excited with the melting of cheese as that truly doubles the deliciousness of cheese. At least, that’s what children feel although this fact is yet to be scientifically established. Melted cheese is every kid’s favourite food and pizza topped with melted Margherita cheese certainly is the best food for any kid in the world.

Sauce: Most food connoisseurs have yet to figure out why small kids do not enjoy eating tomatoes yet they simply love tomato sauce. Maybe that is because of the spices that go into the making of a tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is certainly an indispensable feature of any pizza.  The magical mix of the crust along with melted cheese and tomato sauce could beat all other culinary experiences. Nothing could ever match the delightful pizza experience, as far as, kids are concerned. Enjoy a wonderful variety of traditional Italian pizza in Port Melbourne.

Crust: Children like bread. They love it particularly if it is chewy and thick with super crispy edges. They would love it even more provided it is topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese. So that explains their fascination or perhaps obsession with pizza.

Toppings: Between the ages of six and eleven children are craving for more independence. Every attempt made by them to claim their freedom such as purchasing their own clothes, borrowing the car or even voting is in reality, thwarted, excepting one. Children are free to actually choose pizza toppings and they are truly thrilled by the choices that are available to them.

Some Health Benefits of Pizza that Cannot Be Undermined

Most parents think that if a food tastes amazing, then something must be really bad for their children. But fortunately, pizza could be proved to be an exception to this assumption.

Tomato Sauce: We all know that tomato sauce is actually made from fresh and ripe tomatoes. And all of us are fully aware that tomatoes are healthy. They are red too. What makes tomatoes red? Lycopenes. These are supposed to be pretty strong antioxidants which Italian scientists claim could be helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancer.

Cheese: We all know that cheese is actually made of milk. You obviously, know that milk contains calcium. And calcium is great for strengthening bones. That is primarily the reason why babies drink milk.

Dough:  Grains are regarded as fundamental to a healthy diet worldwide. The dough contains grains. It is also known to contain antioxidants.  Pizzas that come with a whole wheat crust are known to provide a greater health boost.

Toppings: Pizza toppings surely serve to be the best way of tricking your kids into consuming vegetables, even the ones they seem to dislike. Pizza toppings contain vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, olives, and jalapenos. Nowadays meat lovers are forgoing the sausage and pepperoni and opting for the leaner alternatives such as chicken. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy a healthy and yummy pizza in Port Melbourne with your kids!